Everybody should have a union…. It gives us a voice. It gives you the power to change things that need to be changed.

~ Leslie Williams, 32BJ Member, New Jersey

Officers & Leadership

Héctor Figueroa,
Héctor J. Figueroa was elected President of 32BJ Service Employees International Union, the largest property services union in the country, in 2012.  32BJ represents more than 163,000 property service...
Larry Engelstein,
Executive Vice President
Larry Engelstein, Executive Vice President, serves as 32BJ’s Director of Collective Bargaining and Employer Relations. In that capacity, he directs the union’s collective bargaining in eight states and Washington,...
Kyle Bragg,
Kyle Bragg is 32BJ’s Secretary-Treasurer. A member of 32BJ for more than 30 years, Kyle serves as trustee of several 32BJ funds and as chair of the union’s social...
Lenore Friedlaender,
Assistant to the President
Lenore Friedlaender, Assistant to the President of 32BJ works to build strong and meaningful alliances with community, labor, environmental and advocacy partners locally, regionally and internationally. She is also...
Shirley Aldebol,
Vice President
Shirley Aldebol, Vice President, oversees 32BJ’s commercial, schools and security divisions in the New York Metro area, which includes more than 35,000 members who work as cleaners, handypersons, window...
Kevin Brown,
Vice President
Kevin Brown, the New Jersey State Director of 32BJ SEIU, is also a Vice President of the union. Kevin has been involved in the trade union movement since 1987,...
Jaime Contreras,
Vice President
Jaime Contreras, Vice President, heads 32BJ’s Capital Area District, which has over 17,000 members in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area and Baltimore, Maryland. The Capital Area members are commercial,...
Robert Hill,
Vice President
Rob Hill is Vice President of 32BJ Service Employees International Union (SEIU), New York’s largest private-sector union and the country’s largest property services union. He directs the organizing program...
Denis Johnston,
Vice President
Denis Johnston is a Vice President of 32BJ Service Employees International Union (SEIU), New York’s largest private-sector union and the country’s largest property services union. As director of 32BJ’s...
Gabe Morgan,
Vice President and Pennsylvania State Director
Gabe Morgan is Vice President and 32BJ PA/DE State Director, which includes 21,000 workers throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware. The districts include: Mid-Atlantic, District 1201 and Western Pennsylvania. He represents...
John Santos,
Vice President
John Santos is 32BJ Vice President and New York Metro District Residential Division Director, as well Hudson Valley District Director. In these capacities, he represents over 34,000 residential members...
Roxana Rivera,
Vice President
The daughter of Salvadoran immigrants who fled the Central American country in the 70s, Roxana Rivera has been organizing low-wage workers for over twenty years, fighting for workers’ rights...
John Thacker,
Vice President
John Thacker, President of the 32BJ National Conference of Firemen and Oilers District, began his union career in 1979 as a laborer for the CSX railroad in his hometown...

District Leadership

Daisy Cruz
Sam Williamson
Alberto Bernardez
Juan Hernandez
Patricia Arcila-Cabrera
Ernie Bennett

Executive Board

At-Large Executive Board Members

Gabriel Acosta Margarita Alonzo John Egan Donald Killings Wayne MacManiman Elpidio Molina Emanuel Pastreich
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District 1201

Karl Johnson, District Leader

Ernie Bennett, Asst. District Leader

Theodore Daniels, Board Member

New England-District 615

Dan Nicolai, District Leader

Margarita Restrepo, Asst. District Leader

Celsa del Pozo, Board Member

John Jackson, Board Member

Ricardo Monroy Arevalo, Board Member

Miguel Rosa Neto, Board Member

Jacqueline Wesley, Board Member

Capital Area District

Katherine Howell, District Leader

Maria Naranjo, Asst. District Leader

Elfatih Abusam, Board Member

Antonio Barnes, Board Member

Victoria Dominguez, Board Member

Dennis Farley, Board Member

Ysvelia Guedez, Board Member

Willie Lucas, Board Member

Connecticut District

Juan Hernandez, District Leader

Carmen Sargent, Asst. District Leader

Mara Morales, Board Member

Hudson Valley District

Alberto Bernardez, District Leader

Abel Rodriguez, Asst. District Leader

Eric Thompson, Board Member

Mid-Atlantic District

Daisy Cruz, District Leader

Juanita Acree, Asst. District Leader

Mike Brown, Board Member

Francisco Reyes, Board Member

Leroy Warryton, Board Member

NCFO District

Dean DeVita, Board Member

Jim Larreau, Board Member

Mike Moses, Board Member

New Jersey District

Patricia Arcila-Cabrera, District Leader

Luz Garate, Asst. District Leader

Caonabo Mercado, Board Member

Shimeka Pulido, Board Member

Ederle Vaughan, Board Member

Western PA District

Sam Williamson, District Leader

Pamela Jo Rall-Johnston, Asst. Dist Leader

Vincent Smith, Board Member

New York Metro District

District Leaders

Leroy Abramson

Walter Cooper

Tom Giordano

Alison Hirsh

Gerard McEneaney

John Patterson

Kevin Stavris

Gene Szymanski

Assistant District Leaders

Suzana Gjoni

Todd Jennings

Wallace Jones

Sofia Joya

Luisa Lazo

Donald McCaffrey

Wilson Montalvo

Alba Vasquez

Board Members

Napoleon Alston

Janet Barahona

Richard Bonnette

James Brennan

Aurelia Brown

Ricardo Buchanan

Jorge Cabrera

Delroy Dawkins

Anna Dziubek

Rosa Gittens

Luz Hurtado

Sabrina Ladson

Tatiana Lambert

Francis Martinez

Bettina Mayorga

Eunice Mercedes

Nigel Niles

Juliana Peters

Otis Slaton

Craig Tsouristakis

Rahn Wade

Grievance Board

John M. Battle, NYM

Azell Bost, NYM

Scott Cohen, NYM

Edward Doctor, NYM

Daniel Knox, NYM

Yovana Peguero, NYM

Angel Rivera, NYM

Steven Lanzetta, 1201

Antonia Cordova, 615

Marquita Clark, CAD

Manuel Estrada, CT

Gladys Jimenez, HV

Beverly Sims-Miller, MAD

Jeffrey Anderson, NJ

Evelina Adams, WPA

Trial Committee

Brian Beard, NYM

Elzbieta Blizinska, NYM

Crescencio Bulnes, NYM

Ronnie Coppage, NYM

Brian Corcoran, NYM

Hazel Ingram, NYM

Fadila Mrkulic, NYM

Michael I. Phipps, NYM

Denise Ward, 1201

Santa Bernabel, 615

Bonita Williams, CAD

Alcides Caguao, CT

Esther Ramirez, HV

Richard Edmunds, NCFO

Cilia Ramirez, NJ

Norm Kearney, WPA

Board of Auditors

Anthony Castiglione              Danuta Klimas              Tonya Roman