Robert Hill

Rob Hill is Vice President of 32BJ Service Employees International Union (SEIU), New York’s largest private-sector union and the country’s largest property services union. Rob joined 32BJ in June 2000 as lead organizer, stepping in at the start of a strike that went on for four months. Three years later he became Deputy Organizing Director and was appointed as Director in fall 2005. His tenure has been marked by unprecedented growth, most recently organizing 15,000 airport workers in NY, NJ, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Rob is also the head of the Airports Division for NY and NJ. In 2008, under Rob’s leadership, 32BJ organized 10,000 new members into the union, the largest single-year organizing total in 32BJ’s history. “The more members we have, the more powerful we are and more we can win for all workers,” Rob says. “We want to be a leader, an example that, even in these tough times, working people are coming together to improve conditions both in their jobs and their communities. “That’s also the reason behind the fight for fair economy work, which is to get all workers, union and non-union alike, involved in a movement to get the country back on track, to be a country that is fair to working people and where working people can have a bigger and more powerful voice.” Before coming to 32BJ, Rob organized with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in New York, Baltimore and the South and with the Fraternity of Nurses and Healthcare Professionals in Kansas City. He was born in Manhattan, grew up in Long Island and attended Rutgers University in New Jersey. Rob lives in Brooklyn with his wife Autumn Weintraub, their son Josef and two cats.