Victory for NJ Service Workers!

After 18 months of work by 32BJ members – including lobbying at the State House in Trenton, sending over 3,000 signed postcards to elected officials, rallying on the steps of the NJ State Legislators’ offices, and making countless calls to our Assembly Members and Senators – we won! Governor Murphy signed the NJ Service Worker Retention bill into law. 

As of October 24, 2023, this new law provides job protections for service workers like you.  In the event that a building owner or company changes, the law requires the new company to offer employment to the service workers already working at the site, and the new company needs to keep these workers for at least 60 days.  

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If you work at a 32BJ site, your site is covered by the new law. This includes janitorial, residential, security, food service and airport workers.

All 32BJ workers are covered: building service (janitors/porters, concierge, handypersons, security), passenger service and ramp workers, and food service workers at schools and higher ed.

When there is a company flip (new company takes over work from the old company) or when the service work goes in-house, and when a building is sold. This new law applies to contracts that are made or extended on or after October 24, 2023.

The new company must give a written offer of employment to the existing workers and to 32BJ, AND retain the existing workers for at least 60 days.

  • As soon as you know about a company change or of new building ownership make sure the Union knows about it. Do one of the following:
         a. Call Member Services 1-800-551-3225 and request to speak to your representative.
         b. If you know your representative call them directly.
         c. Visit the NJ Union  Grievance Center at 494 Broad Street, Newark, 3rd floor. The Grievance Center is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm and Fridays 9am to 1pm. No appointment is needed.
  • Keep a copy of all documeents that the new company gives you or asks you to sign. 32BJ may need to see it.
  • Keep working at the site.

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