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Deal must be ratified by 32BJ membership, and includes historic pay raises, bonuses, no healthcare premium sharing, maintains sick leave and vacation benefits, continues funding for health, training and retirement

Tentative agreement includes the highest pay raises in the history of 32BJ SEIU

NEW YORK – 32BJ SEIU building workers and the Realty Advisory Board announced today that they have reached a tentative agreement that achieves historic wins for the union’s membership in what will be the first post-pandemic contract between the two sides. The tentative agreement was reached before the expiration of the current contract, averting what would have been the first strike of residential building service workers in New York City since the 12 day strike of 1991. The deal must be ratified by 32BJ SEIU membership, but the tentative agreement ensures workers will be at their worksites as usual on April 21st.

In this contract, 32BJ SEIU, representing 32,000 residential building workers, reaches agreement on the following issues:
• Wining highest raises in 32BJ SEIU history, with almost 12.6% wage increases over four years
• Delivering a $3,000 bonus for essential workers at this high inflation time
• Ensuring no premium share and maintenance of 100% employer-paid healthcare
• Protecting paid sick leave and paid vacation

The tentative agreement protects pension and health care benefits while also providing a historic wage increase that keeps members ahead of inflation and the rising cost of living. The economic security provided in the tentative contract will ensure that New York’s doorpersons, superintendents, resident managers, handypersons, concierges and porters will be able to continue supporting 1.5 million residents of our city while also providing for themselves and their families.

32BJ President Kyle Bragg said: “We have a deal! We got a deal done that protects healthcare, with no premium sharing. We got a deal done that protects paid time off. We got a deal done that provides the economic security our members need in a time of rising inflation. We got a deal done that our members have earned and deserved. This contract honors the indispensable contributions that 32BJ members made throughout the pandemic and includes pay bonuses – a powerful recognition of our members’ sacrifice. They were there, keeping our buildings running and our communities safe, when the city needed them most. 32BJ members are proud to show up to work every day and that includes tomorrow and the days ahead. I want to thank Howard Rothschild and our negotiating partners at the RAB for working in good faith and reaching a fair deal for both sides.”

Realty Advisory Board President Howard Rothschild said: “The industry is proud to have reached a fair agreement that will continue to create and support middle class jobs for more than 30,000 workers over the next four years,” said Howard Rothschild, President of the RAB. “The agreement builds on the important work RAB and 32BJ accomplished together throughout the pandemic – protecting jobs and maintaining solid health benefits – and further shows the industry’s respect and appreciation for our essential workers with a substantial bonus. We would like to thank all residential building service workers for their tireless dedication and commitment during a tremendously challenging period.”

32BJ bargaining committee member Crystalann Johnson said: “Through this contract, our employers recognize our value as skilled, dedicated and irreplaceable employees who really do make New York home for so many residents. Healthcare is essential, keeping our 100% employer-paid healthcare was non-negotiable, and real wage increases were critical. We are happy to have secured these important priorities, and to earn the pay increase we need to stay afloat during these hard times. It is an exciting time to be part of a labor union, and I’m so proud of our union family. We want to thank all New Yorkers who showed their support over the course of this process. We appreciate everyone who reached out and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow, on the job.”

This contract, upon ratification by 32BJ SEIU members, would cover over 32,000 porters, doorpersons, superintendents, concierges and handypersons in over 3,000 buildings throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, serving 555,000 apartments and their 1.5 million residents.

The tentative agreement comes less than a week after an estimated 10,000 building services essential workers, including 32BJ SEIU members from New York to Washington, D.C. to Miami, rallied on Park Avenue with supporters to demand a fair contract and no givebacks after 32BJ SEIU members demonstrated their commitment and service throughout the pandemic. At the rally, 32BJ SEIU members voted overwhelmingly to give the bargaining committee the power to call for a strike, if they decided it became necessary. Labor leaders and elected officials attended to offer support – including New York Governor Kathy Hochul, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, DC 37 President Henry Garrido, 1199 SEIU President George Gresham, New York City Building Trades President Gary Labarbera, New York Central Labor Council President Vinny Alvarez, and Teamsters Joint Council 16 Secretary-Treasurer Demos Demopoulos.

With more than 175,000 members in 12 states, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers’ union in the country.


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