The Fight for $15 Takes Center-Stage in Pennsylvania Election

The Fight for $15 Takes Center-Stage in Pennsylvania Election

Pittsburgh– With just 10 days left to Election Day, local union members and low-wage workers will hit the streets on Saturday at 10:45am to talk to voters about candidates who support raising the minimum wage including Hillary Clinton and Katie McGinty for Senate.

“The choice could not be clearer when it comes to raising the wage for hard-working Pennsylvanians,” said Sam Williamson, 32BJ SEIU Western PA Director. “Hillary Clinton wants to raise the wage to $15 and Donald Trump thinks ‘wages are too high.’ Katie McGinty has stood on the picket line with workers who are fighting for $15 while Pat Toomey has voted against raising the minimum wage, calling it a ‘terrible idea.’ On November 8,  PA voters will have an opportunity to vote themselves a raise by choosing candidates like Katie McGinty who will fight for us.”

In light of Trump’s falling poll numbers, Pat Toomey has recently attempted to distance himself from many of Trump’s positions. However, he has remained steadfast in his opposition to raising the minimum wage, one of many key positions he shares Trump. Despite the wave of Republicans abandoning Donald Trump, Pat Toomey has refused to withdrawal his support for the embattled presidential candidate and has clumsily avoided questions on the subject for the last two weeks.

WHAT:  Election Canvass for $15 and McGinty

WHO:  SEIU members including janitors, security officers, school workers, healthcare workers and more.

WHERE:  Hillary Clinton campaign office, 6425 Penn Ave, Bakery Square, Pittsburgh

WHEN:  Saturday, October 29, 10:45am

$15 Minimum Wage and the Candidates at a Glance

Hillary Clinton Supports raising the wage to $15
Donald Trump Said he thinks wages are “too high” already at $7.25 an hour
Katie McGinty Has stood with workers fighting for $15 numerous times and has made it central to her platform
Pat Toomey Opposed raising the minimum wage multiple times and called raising the minimum wage a “terrible idea”

Pittsburgh security officers, officer cleaners, school district workers, school district workers, health care workers and more have joined 10,000 SEIU members nationwide to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton and Katie McGinty and state level candidates.

32BJ SEIU members and the 64 million underpaid working Americans have taken to the streets to demand something better, and paved the way for one of the most progressive national Democratic Party platforms in our nation’s history. Central to this platform is the Fight for 15 to lift millions of hard-working Americans out of poverty. Together, they are a powerful voting bloc that will be a decisive force in this November’s election and will work to hold politicians accountable once elected.

With 155,000 members in eleven states and Washington, D.C., 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.

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