32BJ Endorses Incumbent Progressive Candidates for City and County Races

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32BJ Endorses Incumbent Progressive Candidates for City and County Races

Pittsburgh – 32BJ SEIU, the largest property services workers’ union in the nation with 6,500 members across Western Pennsylvania announced its endorsed candidates for the upcoming municipal elections.

“These elected leaders share in our vision of an equal and just society. They believe working men and women should earn a family-sustaining wage and have access to the basics in life like good jobs and affordable housing. Pittsburgh should be a city where everyone has an opportunity to prosper, not just the wealthy few. Over the years, many of these elected leaders have stood with the members in my union in their fights for fair wages and good, safe working conditions. As we prepare to go back to the bargaining table and fight for more than 1,500 Pittsburgh cleaners later this year, I know these leaders will be there for us as we will be there for them,” said Sam Williamson, 32BJ SEIU Western Pennsylvania District Director.

Incumbent Ricky Burgess faces a crowded field of opponents, but longtime 32BJ member and Duquesne food service worker, Marla Blunt, knows the councilman to be a man of his word. Not only is she a resident of his district, she has served on the Wage Review Committee Board with Burgess.

“Rev. Ricky has listened to the countless stories of men and women in their fight for $15. He has worked to get a living wage not only for service and city workers, but for all Pittsburghers. He stands with and fights with us. He’s stood with members of my union – commercial office cleaners, security officers and food service workers – over and over again. He’s also fighting for our neighborhoods. Communities across the city are changing. Longtime residents are being displaced from the homes they grew up in, but Rev. Ricky is making sure there is affordable housing for everyone and people can remain in their homes,” said Blunt, a resident of Homewood.

In February, 32BJ endorsed Bobby Wilson, for City Council’s 1st District. Wilson’s already garnered the support of five labor unions, an endorsement from the Mayor and Renee Randolph, a resident in his District.

“This community has needs and I know Bobby Wilson will bring a positive change and get things done. He will be a welcome addition to City Council, joining other elected leaders who fight for working families. He is concerned about the Northside and will make sure no one is left behind while the city continues to grow. That’s why I’ll be knocking on doors for him,” said Randolph a 32BJ security officer.

Below is a complete list of 32BJ endorsed candidates for city and county races.

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald
County Controlled Chelsea Wagner
City Controller Michael Lamb
Council District 1 Bobby Wilson
Council District 3 Council President Bruce Kraus
Council District 5 Councilman Corey O’Connor
Council District 7 Councilwoman Deborah Gross
Council District 9 Reverend Ricky Burgess


With over 175,000 members in 11 states, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property services union in the country.

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