Building Service Workers Union Congratulates Nydia Velazquez On Victory In Hard-Fought Primary

Building Service Workers Union Congratulates Nydia Velazquez On Victory In Hard-Fought Primary

New York -The primary win of Nydia Velazquez in the 7th Congressional District was lauded by 32BJ SEIU, which had endorsed her and worked for her election.

“32BJ congratulates Nydia Velazquez on her primary victory,” 32BJ President Mike Fishman said. “Working and immigrant families in New York will be fortunate to continue having Rep. Velazquez in Washington to stand and fight for their interests.”

32BJ members were out in force for Election Day, with 300 member volunteers fanning out throughout the day to help turn out the vote in the most competitive districts – the 6th, 7th, 8th and 13th. This was the culmination of weeks of activity during which 32BJ members worked to reach other members in these four districts about the election. Through phone banking, canvassing, and three separate mailers for each endorsed candidate, union members contacted 9,576 fellow members in Districts 6, 7, 8 and 13. In addition, our international union, SEIU, made contributions of $5,000, the maximum allowable, to each of the candidates’ campaigns.

With 70,000 members in New York State, 32BJ is known for its strength in mobilizing members and voters to support endorsed candidates. In recent years, the union has strengthened its political endorsement program by putting resources toward door-to-door campaigns as well as mailers, phone banking and other independent expenditures to reach voters. The union’s endorsement process is guided by an extensive screening of candidates by members and by the union’s policy agenda, which emphasizes the creation of good jobs and support for prevailing wage standards and responsible economic development.

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