32BJ’s Bragg: We Will Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg as We Fight for Justice

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32BJ’s Bragg: We Will Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg as We Fight for Justice

The following statement may be attributed to Kyle Bragg, President 32BJ SEIU:

“The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is simply devastating, especially in a hellish year that has already taken too many souls from us. Ruth was a trailblazer for woman and devoted her life to equality for all people. She was always on the side of justice and was instrumental in expanding rights for Black people, women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, workers and many more.


“Just as Ruth’s life reminds us of how far we have come in the fight for equality, her death reminds us of how much we have to lose with the balance of the court further in jeopardy.


“While the implications of this loss are felt around the world, there is no time to wallow in sadness. Today we mourn, tomorrow we turn out voters. 32BJ SEIU members will call thousands of voters in swing states to remind them to vote tomorrow. As we talk to voters, we will remember Ruth’s tireless dedication, continuing to serve even as her body was ravaged with cancer. Ruth’s spirit will be with us on Election Day when we vote out a President whose bigotry and hatred stand in opposition to everything that Ruth spent her life fighting for. We will work to honor her dying wish that her replacement is made by the next elected President.


“Rest in Power, Ruth.”


With over 175,000 members in 11 states, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property services union in the country.


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