32BJ Statement Regarding Possible Gig Worker Legislation

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32BJ Statement Regarding Possible Gig Worker Legislation

The following statement can be attributed to SEIU 32BJ President Kyle Bragg and is based on draft text of the legislation share with the union:

“Our initial review of the draft legislation regarding app-based drivers and delivery workers raises serious concerns about how it would impact workers. We believe that legislation that addresses gig economy and other misclassified workers should at minimum maintain gains made by workers at the local level, retain existing state protections, and allow localities the power to establish improved standards. It should also afford workers a real voice and the ability to truly expand and strengthen their labor rights, benefits, and protections. The proposal we have examined does not provide for those conditions and jeopardizes critical wins that workers have fought for over the years. What we have seen so far is not good for these workers in particular, or any working New Yorker.”


With 175,000 members, including 85,000 in New York, SEIU 32BJ is the largest building service workers union in the country.

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