32BJ Statement on Death of Angelo Falcón

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32BJ Statement on Death of Angelo Falcón

The following statement can be attributed to Héctor Figueroa, President of 32BJ SEIU:

“32BJ extends our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Angelo Falcón, one of the most fearless and tireless advocates for Puerto Ricans and Latinos in New York. Throughout his life and career,  Angelo brought together an encyclopedic knowledge of New York politics, Puerto Rican and Latino history in the city, an uncompromising sense of justice and a stinging way with words, and placed them at the service of the city’s disregarded and underestimated communities.

“As the founder of the National Institute of Latino Policy, he focused on unglamorous issues that are nonetheless crucial to provide access to real political power – redistricting, the Census, hiring in the public sector, representation in major influencing industries. Angelo also worked with and supported unions, consistently challenging us to organize Latino workers and to speak for issues that matter to Latinos, and to embrace diversity and inclusion on urban and federal issues. He was a persistent gadfly to multiple generations of city and state politicians, heads of agencies and large organizations, including ours. His interactions with people high and low in the power structure – in person, on the phone or via email – were always and equal mix of corny jokes and truth bombs.

“Angelo was also a kind and generous mentor to generations of Latinas and Latinos with a commitment to make life better for everyone in this city. I personally benefitted from his advice, encouragement and his criticism. We especially feel the loss of his take-no-prisoners approach to advocacy right now, at a moment where the most powerful in our country relentlessly disrespect and attack the most vulnerable in our society. We must take up Angelo’s example to speak truth loudly and often, without hesitation and with deep compassion, to continue his analysis, insight and courage.”

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