32BJ SEIU Statement on the Philadelphia Soda Tax

32BJ SEIU Statement on the Philadelphia Soda Tax

The following statement is attributable to Gabe Morgan, Vice President of 32BJ SEIU

“In a city where luxury condos are popping up everywhere, it is shameful that we are still the #1 big city for poverty in the nation. As Philly becomes a world class destination, most of its residents still struggle to pay their bills and give their children a good education. The only way we end Philadelphia’s tale of two cities is to invest in good jobs and good schools. The soda tax make a critical investment in early childhood education and will put Philadelphians to work rebuilding rec centers and infrastructure. We commend City Council and Mayor Kenney for taking this important step in investing in our city, and our children’s future.”

With 165,000 members in eleven states and Washington, D.C., including 22,000 in Pennsylvania, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.


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