32BJ SEIU Endorses 2019 Candidates

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32BJ SEIU Endorses 2019 Candidates

NEWARK, N.J.— 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, the largest property services union in the country, Today announces endorsement of 24 Assembly candidates, six freeholders, 3 councilmembers and 1 mayor in the upcoming elections. This is at its heart a race for the support of working people, immigrants, people of color and environmental justice. The following candidates have shown strong commitments to unions and all working people in New Jersey.

“We are proud to endorse these candidates who will be champions for the working people and union members of this state,” said Kevin Brown, 32BJ SEIU Vice President and New Jersey State Director. “We know these candidates, once elected will prioritize working families and the progressive issues that our union fights for including ensuring that working people have living wages and access to affordable healthcare. With these candidates on our side, we are optimistic that we can create a New Jersey that works for all—not just the wealthy few. We are committed to working hard to elect these candidates that will stand up for working families, the backbone of our economy, and look forward to having them in office.”


32BJ SEIU 2019 Assembly Endorsements (Challengers)

  • Lisa Mandelblatt, LD-21
  • Stacey Gunderman, LD-21
  • Lisa Bhimani, LD-25
  • Darcy Draeger, LD-25
  • Christine Clark, LD-26
  • Laura Fortgang, LD-26


32BJ SEIU 2019 Assembly Endorsements (Incumbents)

  • John Burzichelli, LD-3
  • Adam Taliaferro, LD-3
  • Eric Houghtaling, LD-11
  • Joann Downey, LD-11
  • Daniel Benson, LD-14
  • Wayne DeAngelo, LD-14
  • Craig Coughlin, LD-19
  • Yvonne Lopez, LD-19
  • Annette Quijano, LD-20
  • Nicholas Chiaravalotti, LD-31
  • Angela McKnight, LD-31
  • Thomas Giblin, LD-34
  • Britnee Timberlake, LD-34
  • Shavonda Sumter, LD-35
  • Benjie Wimberly, LD-35
  • Gary Schaer, LD-36
  • Valerie Vainieri Huttle, LD-37
  • Gordon Johnson, LD-37
  • Christopher Tully, LD-38
  • Lisa Swain, LD-38


32BJ SEIU 2019 Freeholder Endorsements

  • Thomas Sullivan, Incumbent, Bergen County Freeholder
  • Mary Amoroso, Incumbent, Bergen County Freeholder
  • Germaine Ortiz, Incumbent, Bergen County Freeholder
  • Bette Jane Kowalski, Incumbent, Union County Freeholder
  • Sergio Granados, Incumbent, Union County Freeholder
  • Rebecca Williams, Incumbent, Union County Freeholder
  • Melonie Marano, Challenger, Somerset County Freeholder


32BJ SEIU 2019 City Council Endorsements

  • Rachel Ehrlich, Challenger, Madison City Council
  • Stefan Armington, Incumbent, Morristown City Council


32BJ SEIU 2019 Mayoral Endorsements

  • Jeff Martin for Hamilton Mayor



With 175,000 members in twelve states and Washington, D.C., 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.

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