32BJ SEIU Announces Endorsed Candidates for 2019 Primary Election

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32BJ SEIU Announces Endorsed Candidates for 2019 Primary Election

Philadelphia- Today, 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which represents 12,000 workers in the city—including commercial office cleaners, security officers and Philadelphia School District workers—announced its list of endorsed candidates for the 2019 Primary Election.

Jim Kenney, Mayor
Mark Squilla, Council District 1
Kenyatta Johnson, Council District 2
Jannie Blackwell, Council District 3
Curtis Jones, Council District 4
Council President Darrell Clarke, Council District 5
Maria Quinones- Sanchez, Council District 7
Cindy Bass, Council District 8
Cherelle Parker, Council District 9
Helen Gym, Council At Large
Derek Green, Council At Large
Isaiah Thomas, Council At Large
Erika Almiron, Council At Large

“We stand with candidates who support the fight for $15 and union rights for workers, who will ensuring that our schools, housing and human service programs are adequately funded and that immigrants and all Philadelphians are protected from abuse,” said Gabe Morgan, Vice President of 32BJ SEIU . “Maria Quinones-Sanchez has a long track record of fighting for working families.”

“When my co-workers at the airport went on strike five times to earn a living wage and a union, it was Councilman Kenyatta Johnson who stood with us. 32BJ SEIU supports Kenyatta Johnson because he is willing to stand up for airport workers and all working people who are fighting to better their lives,” said Onetha McKnight, 32BJ member and Philadelphia airport worker.

In the face of unprecedented attacks on working families from the Trump administration, 32BJ SEIU has endorsed champions who will join in the fight to help more Philadelphians join and form unions. Hundreds of Philadelphia 32BJ SEIU members will get involved political action this year to remind voters, candidates and elected officials that Philadelphia needs unions to lift people out of the poverty.


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