32BJ Members Out In Force For GOTV Effort In Democratic Primary Races

32BJ Members Out In Force For GOTV Effort In Democratic Primary Races

New York NY– Hundreds of members of 32BJ SEIU are hitting the streets in New York City today to volunteer for candidates they have endorsed in the Democratic primary. The biggest turnout by 32BJ members is expected in the 31st Senate District where well over 150 members of the union are expected to volunteer in the campaign to reelect Senator Adriano Espaillat. Many are volunteering during the day before going to their jobs in the evening, others in the late afternoon and evening before polls close.

“Voters in the 31st Senate District are fortunate to have two good candidates, Adriano Espaillat and Guillermo Linares,” said Hector Figueroa, Secretary-Treasurer of 32BJ. “Adriano stands out for having served so well in the Senate by standing up for immigrants and middle-class and working families. He deserves reelection.

“The turnout by 32BJ members today shows their interest in electing candidates who will fight for the rights of working and middle-class people, and is a measure of the commitment and energy they will bring to next year’s mayoral election,” Figueroa said.

In addition to the many working today for Espaillat, several hundred other 32BJ members are volunteering to help get out the vote for other campaigns around the city. In Queens, hundreds will be fanning out to help reelect State Senator Toby Stavisky in the 16th District and Assemblyman Michael Miller in the 38th District, and to elect Ron Kim in the 40th Assembly District, and Jerry Iannece in the 25th Assembly District. Others are volunteering in Brooklyn for the campaigns of Martin Dilan in Senate District 18, Rafael Espinal in Assembly District 54, Nick Perry in Assembly District 58, and Rhoda Jacobs in Assembly District 42, and in the Bronx for Naomi Rivera in Assembly District 80 and Gustavo Rivera in Senate District 33.

Hundreds of 32BJ members have also worked in the weeks leading up to the primary, with many volunteering for the campaigns on weekends and others coming out on weekdays to canvas fellow 32BJ members in candidates’ districts. Last Saturday alone, 350 members of 32BJ were out to campaign in spite of stormy weather.

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