32BJ Endorses Cabrera, Farrar, Gibson, McGee and Moore

Frank Soults, 860-471-5692, fsoults@seiu32bj.org

32BJ Endorses Cabrera, Farrar, Gibson, McGee and Moore

For more information: Frank Soults, 860-471-5692, fsoults@seiu32bj.org


HARTFORD, Conn. — 32BJ SEIU Connecticut members have voted to endorse five Connecticut General Assembly candidates in the upcoming August 11 Democratic primary: Jorge Cabrera and Marilyn Moore for the Senate, and Kate Farrar, Bobby Gibson, and Brandon McGee for the House of Representatives. The following statement may be attributed to Juan Hernandez, Vice President of 32BJ SEIU and head of the union in Connecticut.

“After careful interviews and deliberation, our members have chosen to endorse five strong candidates who can best represent their constituents in the General Assembly during this historically difficult and dangerous time.

“Jorge Cabrera earns our endorsement for his proven ability to contend seriously for the seat in the diverse 17th Senatorial District north of New Haven. We believe that the time is now, and this former union organizer can successfully bring his background and skill to bear against the incumbent Republican’s do-nothing dogma, which threatens the ability of working people to recover from the ongoing crises of racial injustice, economic inequality and a raging pandemic.

“As a longtime advocate for women’s issues in both Washington, D.C. and her native Connecticut, Kate Farrar has demonstrated her ability to improve problems that have always resisted change, capped by her leadership in helping to pass Connecticut’s Paid Family and Medical Leave bill as the Executive Director for the Connecticut Women’s Educational and Legal Fund. We believe she would make an excellent representative for West Hartford’s 20th House District, and become a major voice for progressive change in the State Capitol.

“Since winning a 2018 special election to represent Bloomfield and parts of Windsor in the 15th House District, Representative Bobby Gibson has risen to important leadership positions and played a role in passing major legislation like the $15 minimum wage. In a time of ugly division, his skill as both a diplomat and a passionate advocate earn our heartfelt endorsement.

“Representative Brandon McGee has spoken up tirelessly for the working people, immigrants, and Black people whom he represents in the 5th House District that covers parts of north Hartford and Windsor. In particular, he has always stood by the members of 32BJ, whether in battles small or large, and we are proud to stand with him as he seeks his well-deserved reelection.

“Long before the coronavirus struck, State Senator Marilyn Moore steadfastly fought to improve the health outcomes disproportionately affecting poor communities and people of color. We need her continued leadership now more than ever, and strongly recommend voters select her to continue representing the 22nd Senatorial District in Bridgeport and environs.”


With over 175,000 members in 12 states and Washington DC, including 5,000 in Connecticut, 32BJ is the largest building service workers union in the country.

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