32BJ Endorses Adrienne Adams and Paul Vallone for Queens City Council Seats

32BJ Endorses Adrienne Adams and Paul Vallone for Queens City Council Seats

NEW YORK— 32BJ SEIU, the largest property service union in the country, announced today the endorsement of Adrienne Adams and Paul Vallone for City Council for their long-standing commitment to issues that matter to working New Yorkers. We are focused on electing progressive candidates in New York City this year to fight back against the anti-worker and anti-immigrant policies of the Trump Administration and Republican-controlled Congress.

Adrienne Adams, currently the chairwoman of Community Board 12, is a candidate to represent Council District 28, which covers southeastern Queens. The seat was vacated by Ruben Wills. Adams has been a strong advocate for schools in her district, and for civil rights issues.

Paul Vallone is running for re-election in District 19 in northeastern Queens. In his first term as a Council member, Vallone secured over $40 million in funding for his district, almost as much as it had received in the previous nine City budgets combined. Earlier this year, Vallone also voted to approve Fair Work Week scheduling legislation, which provides fast food workers with protections around their work schedules, and the Fast Food Worker Empowerment Act, which enables fast food workers to set up a nonprofit organization to advocate for themselves and their families and improve their communities.

“Adrienne and Paul have both been steady advocates for working families in their respective Queens communities,” said 32BJ President Héctor Figueroa. “We know as City Council members they will continue and expand their work to improve the lives all New Yorkers. Now more than ever, we need local government to stand up for those who are vulnerable and stand against the divisive rhetoric and anti-worker policies coming out of Washington.”


With 163,000 members in eleven states and Washington, D.C., including 80,000 in New York City, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.

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