Building Service Workers’ Union 32BJ SEIU Affirms Slate of Connecticut Endorsements

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Building Service Workers’ Union 32BJ SEIU Affirms Slate of Connecticut Endorsements

Union of building cleaners, security officers and other essential workers endorses candidates who stand with members on issues of economic, racial, and immigrant justice

HARTFORD —  The following statement may be attributed to Rochelle Palache, Vice President of 32BJ SEIU and head of the union in Connecticut.


“As a union representing a majority Black, brown and immigrant workforce of over 4,300 janitors, security officers and other building service employees across Connecticut, we are proud today to affirm all our endorsements in the state’s 2023 municipal elections. These candidates have all supported the wellbeing of workers, immigrants and those struggling for a foothold in a system that has often marginalized them. The stakes for these workers are now literally on the table, as we try to settle two union contracts covering some 3,300 commercial building cleaners in the state — one for those from Hartford to New Haven, the other for cleaners in Fairfield County, as part of a Tri-State agreement — before the December 31 expiration of the current agreements. We are proud to offer each of these candidates our support through Election Day because we know that all working people will be able to count on their support in city government.”


Candidate                                       Municipality                   Office                              

Thomas Finnucan                              Ansonia                       Board of Aldermen, Ward 3

Rohan Brown                                     Ansonia                       Board of Aldermen, Ward 4

Rosemarie Huggins                          Ansonia                       Board of Aldermen, Ward 5

Stevie Bobbitt                                    Ansonia                       Board of Aldermen, Ward 5

Daniel B Stahl                                    Ansonia                       Board of Aldermen, Ward 6

Mary Terhune                                    Bolton                        Board of Assess. Appeals & Zoning Board of Appeals

Fiona Pearson                                    Cheshire                      Town Council, At-Large

Patricia Cramer                                 Cheshire                      Town Council, District 4

Krista Kardys                                      Colchester                  Board of Assessment Appeals

Christopher Rivers                            Colchester                  Board of Education

Stefanie Tracey-Calash                    Colchester                  Board of Education

Michelle Millington                          Colchester                  Board of Education

Karen Belding                                    Colchester                  Board of Finance

Scott Chapman                                  Colchester                  Board of Finance

Rosemary Coyle                                Colchester                  Board of Selectmen

Dave Koji                                            Colchester                  Board of Selectmen

Denise Turner                                    Colchester                  Board of Selectmen

Michele Wyatt                                  Colchester                  Tax Collector

Gayle Furman                                    Colchester                  Town Clerk

Sean Gillespie                                    Colchester                  Treasurer

James Demetriades                          Cromwell                    Mayor

Ian Thomas                                        Groton                         Board of Education

Dan Gaiewski                                     Groton                         Town Council

Abdul Osmanu                                   Hamden                      Legislative Council, District 3

Laurie Sweet                                      Hamden                      Legislative Council, Representative At-Large

Josh Michtom                                    Hartford                      City Council

Alexander Thomas                           Hartford                      City Council

Tiana Hercules                                   Hartford                      City Council

Arunan Arulampalam                       Hartford                      Mayor

Sarah Jones                                        Manchester                Board of Directors

Dennis Schain                                    Manchester                Board of Directors

Jessee Muñiz-Poland                        Manchester                Board of Directors

Jerald Lentini                                     Manchester                Board of Directors

David Eisenthal                                  Manchester                Board of Education

Kwasi Ntem-Mensah                        Manchester                Board of Education

Heather Doucette                            Manchester                Board of Education

Beth Mix                                             Manchester                Board of Education

Jay Moran                                           Manchester                Mayor

Nickimmy Hayes                               Meriden                      Board of Education

Chad Cardillo                                     Meriden                      City Council, At-Large

Richard Lacourciere                         New Britain                City Council, At-Large

John McNamara                               New Britain                Common Council, District 4

Nathan “Nate” Simpson                  New Britain                Common Council, Ward 1

Neil P Connors                                   New Britain                Common Council, Ward 4

Chris Anderson                                  New Britain                Mayor

Alisha Blake                                       New London              Board of Education

Amy DeVoe Perrotti                         Newington                 Board of Education

Meri Beatrice                                    Newington                 Board of Education

Jessica Weaver                                  Newington                 Board of Education

Jon Trister                                           Newington                 Mayor

Mitch Page                                         Newington                 Town Council

Avgoustis AJ  Tiniakos                     Newington                 Town Council

Kathy Gonzalez                                 Newington                 Town Council

David Derynoski                                Southington               Board of Education

William Knoegel                                Southington               Planning & Zoning Commission

Dave Zoni                                           Southington               Town Council

Chris Palmieri                                  Southington                Town Council

Kaitlyn Shake                                     Stratford                     Town Council, District 7

Simone Sewell                                   Vernon                        Board of Education

Laurie Bajorek                                   Vernon                        Mayor

Ole Kushner Hermanson                 Vernon                        Town Council

Maryann Levesque                           Vernon                        Town Council

Phyllis Winkler                                   Vernon                        Town Council

Riley O’Connell                                  Wallingford                Mayor

Laurie Wolfley                                   Waterford                  Board of Education

Nick Gauthier                                     Waterford                  Representative Town Meeting, District 1

Ursula Moreshead                            Waterford                  Representative Town Meeting, District 1

Mary Childs                                        Waterford                  Representative Town Meeting, District 2

Ronald H. Elkin                                  Waterford                  Representative Town Meeting, District 3

Kathy Mullen-Kohl                            Waterford                  Representative Town Meeting, District 3

Dawn Niles                                         Windham                    Town Council, At-Large

Nuchette Black Burke                      Winchester                 City Council

Lawrence Bocchiere III                    Wolcott                       Board of Assessment Appeals

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