Raising the standard for good working conditions is like a chain reaction. More people will see their work life can be better.

~ Clara Vargas, 32BJ Member, Florida

Member Resources

How 32BJ Works

We are a democratic organization of workers. Every three years we elect our leadership.

We elect unionwide officers – president, executive vice president, secretary-treasurer, assistant to the president, and five vice presidents – and at-large members to the executive board. The members in each district (see below) also elect their district leadership.

32BJ’s unionwide officers and executive board set the course for our union. And they coordinate contract, organizing, and political action campaigns across our districts to make the greatest use of our strength to advance our goals.

Most of us know 32BJ best through our own district. We are organized as follows:

Membership Meetings

32BJ holds general membership meetings twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, in each district. Every member is not only welcome, but strongly encouraged to attend. They say knowledge is power – and you should know what’s going on in your union.