We are not fighting just for ourselves but we’re fighting for all working families.

~ Anna Dziubek, 32BJ Member, New York


Welcome to 32BJ SEIU Residential

More than 30,000 of 32BJ members are doormen, building maintenance workers, and superintendents working to make apartment buildings clean, safe, and welcoming to the people who call them home. While we’re concentrated in New York City, we also work in New York’s Hudson Valley, northern New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.


We are powerful because people like you have stepped up to join the fight. We need your help leading contract campaigns, organizing non-union workers, and taking political action. If you’re interested in joining the fight and getting important union updates, fill out the contact information below:


NYC Lets Luxury Building Owners Stiff Workers and Still Get a Tax Break
City regulators haven’t enforced a 2007 law that requires doormen, janitors and other service workers at taxpayer-subsidized apartment buildings to be paid wages comparable... Read More »
Supers Who Break the Glass Ceiling
Among over 3,000 unionized superintendents in New York City, perhaps a few dozen are women. Read More »

Our Opinion

Member’s Husband Detained by ICE
We need you to join us in calling for Juan Vivares’ immediate release and for him to be permitted to remain in the country with his family. Read More »
Remembering Our Union Brother Miguel Gonzalez
Last week as a winter storm hit our region hard we tragically lost one of our residential brothers in New York City, Miguel Gonzalez, who died in an accident while shoveling snow at his building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Read More »
Statement from 32BJ President Hector Figueroa on Passing of Doorman Miguel Gonzalez
We are deeply saddened by the loss of doorman and 32BJ member Miguel Gonzalez, who passed away this morning while shoveling snow at the building where he worked for many years. Read More »
Victory in Bed-Stuy!
After a six-month fight, our brothers at 1711 Fulton Street in Bed-Stuy scored a huge victory. Read More »