I think every shop steward should be training someone else and that person can be training someone else too.

~ Maurice Thomas, 32BJ Member, DC/VA/MD

The People’s Climate March

On Saturday, September 21, 32BJ will be joining tens of thousands of people in New York City in the People’s Climate March.

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When You Can’t Afford Sleep
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Fast-Food Worker Protests a Sign of New Union Tactics
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Emmanuel Sebit: A Hell of a Job
I came to America running away from war and political unrest. With my home country of South Sudan caught up in an endless conflict, I wanted peace more than anything. So I came to...
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Michael Greene: Now We Have A Voice
“Now there’s the opportunity for employees who never have been taken seriously by management -- people who run these multi- million dollar building – to have a voice,” Greene said. “They have to be...
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