New Year’s Strike Averted; NYC Office Cleaners Reach New Contract Protecting 22,000 Good Jobs

New Year’s Strike Averted; NYC Office Cleaners Reach New Contract Protecting 22,000 Good Jobs

New York, NY — The 32BJ Bargaining Committee tonight announced a tentative agreement with the Realty Advisory Board (RAB) on a four-year contract covering more than 22,000 New York City office cleaners that provides a nearly 5.6% wage increase over the life of the contract and bonuses totaling $1,100.00. The agreement, which must still be ratified, maintains fully employer-paid family health care coverage.

“The new contract is not just an important victory for office cleaners and their families, but for our economy and our city,” said Hector Figueroa, Secretary-Treasurer of 32BJ. “In these tough times the workers who keep New York City’s corporate offices and landmark buildings clean and well maintained have stood up for the good middle class jobs our economy and our city needs.”

New York City office building workers clean and maintain major buildings and locations including the Rockefeller Center, the MetLife Building, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, Port Authority, and the Time Warner Center.

“I am happy with this agreement,” said Ivan Almendarez who is a cleaner at New York University. “Keeping my healthcare and getting wage increases will go a long way toward helping me raise my kids and take care of my ailing wife.”

In the last three months, 32BJ has reached new, multiyear contracts for more than 50,000 workers from Hartford, CT to Northern Virginia in a regionwide campaign to promote good jobs and stronger communities.

“Good jobs are essential to rebuilding the middle class and strengthening our economic recovery,” said President Fishman. “From the outset, this regionwide contract campaign has been part of a nationwide effort to protect the good jobs working people need to support their families and our cities’ need to get back on track.”

The agreement also calls for the establishment of a joint 32BJ-real estate industry project to promote economic development and good jobs. The project, which will be guided by directors from both 32BJ and the real estate industry, will explore ways for the union and the industry to work together to advance robust and responsible development in New York City.

With more than 120,000 members, including 70,000 in New York, 32BJ is the largest property service workers union in the country and the largest private-sector union in the state.

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