MIA Airport Workers Testify at Commission; Expose Sweatshop Working Conditions

MIA Airport Workers Testify at Commission; Expose Sweatshop Working Conditions

(Miami, FL) MIA Airport workers, including ramp workers, baggage handlers, and cabin cleaners will testify at the Miami Dade County Trade and Tourism Commission meeting on Thursday about the sweatshop-like working conditions at the airport.

The workers, who are organizing for better conditions and the right to form a union, are employed by airline contractors, Eulen America, Ultra Aviation, and Triangle, who service major airlines including American Airlines, Delta, and LATAM.

While they are covered under Miami-Dade County’s Living Wage Ordinance, the majority of workers are only given part time hours and have no meaningful benefits. Some workers even report they are paying for health insurance, without actually being covered. In addition, there are widespread reports of deplorable and unsafe working conditions, including:

  • Exposure to extremely high levels of carbon monoxide in the workplace.
  • Airport vehicles in dangerous disrepair with faulty breaks, broken headlights, and bald tires.
  • Failure to pay overtime.
  • Lack of clean drinking water and access to restrooms.
  • Threats and intimidation over organizing.

The workers will call on the County Commission, who owns and operates the airport, to hold contractors accountable, including terminating permits for companies not complying with the law.

What: MIA Airport workers testify at Miami Dade County Trade and Tourism Committee Meeting over sweatshop working conditions.

Who: Subcontracted airline workers including baggage handlers, ramp workers, and cabin cleaners. **Spanish Speakers Available**

When: Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 9:30 am (sharp)

Where: Concourse D, 4th Floor Auditorium, MIA (North Terminal)

Closest Parking Lot is Dolphin Garage


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