Allegheny County Commercial Office Cleaners Ratify New 4-Year Contracts Protecting More Than 1,200 Good Jobs

Allegheny County Commercial Office Cleaners Ratify New 4-Year Contracts Protecting More Than 1,200 Good Jobs

Pittsburgh, PA –Allegheny County commercial office cleaners today voted overwhelmingly to ratify new four-year contracts covering 1,200 workers that secures yearly wage increases that average between 2%-3% for higher wage cleaners in Pittsburgh and 6% for low wage cleaners in the suburbs. The negotiation resulted in successfully stabilized healthcare costs for workers and employers for the next four years.

“I’m proud to say labor and management have come together to do what’s best for Pittsburgh,” said Gabe Morgan, 32BJ Pennsylvania State Director. “This is a win-win agreement that benefits businesses, workers and tenants alike.”
With 5 days before the contract was set to expire, the 32BJ Bargaining Committee reached the four-year agreements on October 26th with Quality Services Inc. and other cleaning contractors such ISS Facility Services, ABM Industries Inc., and St. Moritz Building.

“These contracts will help ensure a more professionalized workforce and provide the training necessary to improve industry standards,” said Hermaine Delaney, 32BJ Area Director, Western Pennsylvania and chief negotiator. “Making sure the men and women who keep our offices clean, safe and running smoothly get paid fairly is a smart investment in both our economy and into maintaining these properties.”

Members of 32BJ SEIU clean most major commercial office buildings in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, including at the Southside Works Complex, the PPG Buildings, the USX Tower, the PNC Bank buildings, Gateway Center, the Koppers Building, and Bayer.

More than 60,000 property service workers from Hartford, Conn., to Virginia are united in a campaign to secure new contracts that raise wage and benefit standards.

“These are the kind of good jobs that are essential to rebuilding the middle class and the economic well-being of our cities,” said Valarie Long, 32BJ Vice President. “Cleaners in Pittsburgh are united with 32BJ members up and down the East Coast in a campaign to help more working families reclaim the American Dream.”

With more than 120,000 members, including 5,000 in Western Pennsylvania, 32BJ is the largest property services union in the country.

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