32BJ SEIU: Trump is Sacrificing Essential Workers by Demanding Stimulus Talks Stop before Election

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32BJ SEIU: Trump is Sacrificing Essential Workers by Demanding Stimulus Talks Stop before Election

Washington, D.C-32BJ SEIU—the union representing 175,000 essential building service workers up and down the East Coast—today responded to President Trump’s announcement by Twitter that he is ordering stimulus talks to stop until after the election. The following statement is attributable to Kyle Bragg, President of 32BJ SEIU.

“If the President cared about helping essential workers get through the Coronavirus pandemic, he would demand stimulus talks continue as long as it takes to provide relief to the millions Americans who desperately need help. President Trump is willing to let essential workers, unemployed people, and millions of families living on the edge of poverty suffer for another month. It is not surprising that a President who would jeopardize the health of his staff, his family and even his Secret Service agents would leave essential workers behind.

“The pandemic that President Trump has denied, lied about, and made worse by his indifference has taken the lives of 138 32BJ SEIU members. We are appalled that the President consistently puts politics over the lives of working people. The President today made clear that we must vote him out for essential workers to get the hazard pay, PPE, and job protection that they desperately need and deserve. We are ready to do just that on November 3.”

With over 175,000 members in eleven states and Washington, D.C., 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.


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The following statement can be attributed to Kyle Bragg, President of 32BJ SEIU:     As President of a majority Black, brown,

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