32BJ SEIU: State of State Address Builds Working Families

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32BJ SEIU: State of State Address Builds Working Families

The following statement may be attributed to Kevin Brown, Vice President and New Jersey State Director of 32BJ SEIU:

“Our union of airport workers, janitors, security officers, doorpersons and school cafeteria workers is proud to stand with Gov. Murphy again this year as he lays out the framework to continue an agenda that benefits New Jersey working families. Workers championed the $15 minimum wage, expanded access to driver’s licenses, won paid sick and family leave laws and protections against wage theft. In 2020, we will continue the movement and our work to build up the middle class by passing progressive legislation.

“Today, the Healthy Terminals Act was introduced in the Senate. This proposed law would assure that thousands of workers could afford quality health insurance, addressing a vital problem for about 40,000 workers in New Jersey and New York at airports and transportation hubs. This would make our largest airport and train stations stronger, healthier and more secure, and save taxpayers money.

“Amending the Economic Opportunity Act to extend family-sustaining wages and benefits to more workers is a priority for creating good, sustainable jobs, and will ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to invest in working families. Creating laws that make it easier for subcontracted school food service workers who barely make above minimum wage to raise their wages and benefits will build up the entire community.

“We support the Millionaires’ Tax because we need a permanent solution to the state budget crisis and the burden should not be put on working families. Making this change to the tax structure would generate nearly half a billion dollars per year in public revenue that could allow critical investment in our schools, transportation and infrastructure that fuel New Jersey’s economy and future.  

“Our union also supports other measures that would advance the interests of working New Jerseyans, including sweeping environmental regulations such as the Green New Deal, immigration reform and more. Our union will back candidates with progressive values in 2020 who will stand with our members, understand their issues and uphold a strong democracy. New Jersey is going to work for all— not just the wealthy few.” 


With over 175,000 members in 11 states, including 13,000 in New Jersey, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property services union in the country.


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