32BJ SEIU Endorses Tish James for Public Advocate

32BJ SEIU Endorses Tish James for Public Advocate

New York – Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) today endorsed City Council Member Letitia James for Public Advocate in a crucial Democratic primary race.

“For years, Tish James has demonstrated a deep commitment to the working people of our city,” said Hector Figueroa, president of 32BJ SEIU. “She has worked hard to help improve the lives not only of our 70,000 members in New York City but for all working families in New York. In addition, she has strongly supported initiatives to improve our transportation and educational systems through her committee work.”

The endorsement comes days after 32BJ, the largest property service union in the country, endorsed State Sen. Jose Peralta for Queens Borough President, State Sen. Eric Adams for Brooklyn Borough President and backed candidates in 44 City Council races.

“All of the candidates we have endorsed have repeatedly stood up for working families in New York,” Figueroa said. “We are certain they will continue to do so after these very important elections.”

On March 2, 32BJ held screenings for candidates in virtually every race in the city. Some 400 union members listened to and questioned the candidates about their positions on issues affecting working families in New York in a day-long event at the union’s Manhattan headquarters.

“The endorsement process was fantastic,” said Sabrina Ladson, a security officer at Fordham University, and a 32BJ member. “It’s great to be able to hear what candidates have to say and to be able to ask them questions. The entire process makes you feel that you really matter and have a say in things; that you actually have a voice in your union and your community.”



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