32BJ SEIU Endorses Brandon Todd for Ward 4 Council

32BJ SEIU Endorses Brandon Todd for Ward 4 Council

Washington, D.C. – Private security officers and commercial office cleaners represented by 32BJ SEIU, today announced their endorsement of Brandon Todd for the Ward 4 Council seat. 32BJ members were encouraged by Todd’s commitment to support workers’ efforts to create good jobs so they can better support their families.

“Brandon Todd understands that low-wage workers, who are struggling to keep up with D.C.’s high cost of living need access to full-time hours,” said Jaime Contreras, 32BJ SEIU Vice President and Capital Area Director.

In addition to providing workers a much-needed boost in wages, the legislation would also match the demand for building services work in larger buildings and facilities with the supply of workers.

In addition to a direct mail program, union volunteers will knock on doors and make phone calls on Todd’s behalf.

With more than 145,000 members in 11 states, including 17,000 in the D.C. Metropolitan Area, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.

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