32BJ SEIU Applauds Rabb’s Sanctuary Commonwealth Bill

32BJ SEIU Applauds Rabb’s Sanctuary Commonwealth Bill

The following statement can be attributed to Gabe Morgan, Vice President 32BJ SEIU Pennsylvania, one of the largest unions representing immigrant workers in the country:

State Representative Chris Rabb’s sanctuary commonwealth legislation is a positive step to counter the extremist attacks on immigrant communities. Anti-immigrant policies from Washington and Harrisburg only harm our cities and divide working people forcing hardworking immigrants deeper into the shadows. We need sanctuary cities to assist in keeping families together.

When police are forced to enforce harmful immigration policies, it puts a financial burden on taxpayers, makes our communities less safe and undermines law enforcement’s relationship with those in the immigrant community. Our local police officers are there to serve and protect, not to take away their precious time and resources to serve as deportation agents. This law seeks to unburden already financially-strained municipalities that do not possess adequate resources to enforce unfunded federal mandates.

We applaud Rep. Rabb in using his voice and joining more than 350 cities, counties and states that have passed legislation to limit local law enforcements involvement in deportation. We must push back against attacks that divide us. As a union of more than 163,000 members – including tens of thousands of immigrant members from around the world – we stand with Rep. Rabb in working to build bridges that welcome the diversity that serves as the foundation of our nation.

With more than 163,000 members across the country, 32BJ SEIU is one of the largest unions representing immigrant workers in the country.

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