32BJ Members Endorse Jamaal Bailey for NY State Senate

32BJ Members Endorse Jamaal Bailey for NY State Senate

NEW YORK— 32BJ members today announced their endorsement of Jamaal Bailey for New York State Senate to represent District 36 in the Bronx.

“Jamaal Bailey is a committed political leader and activist for working people in the Bronx and we know that he will be the advocate they need in the State Senate,” said 32BJ President Hector Figueroa.

32BJ members said they decided to endorse Bailey, who serves as Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie’s communications director and as a Democratic District Leader in the Bronx, after hearing about his commitment to funding quality public education, increasing affordable housing and fighting income inequality—issues that are important to working people in the Bronx and across the state.

“He spoke from the heart and supported the fight for $15 and immigration reform,” said 32BJ member Mary Rosario. “He said if you work in NY you should be making $15 or more.”

32BJ members held a screening with candidates for the Senate seat to find out their position on the issues that are important to them and their families.

“I can tell from the way he spoke that he meant what he said,” said member Alijona Aslan. “He said that he will support the Dream Act and, being an immigrant from Albania, the Dream Act is very important to me.”

 With 155,000 members in eleven states and Washington, D.C., including 70,000 in New York City, 32BJ SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.



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