32BJ Endorses Rep. Theresa Conroy for Reelection

32BJ Endorses Rep. Theresa Conroy for Reelection

BEACON FALLS, CT—32BJ members today announced their endorsement of Representative Theresa Conroy for re-election to the Connecticut State General Assembly as part of their push to win a higher minimum wage and more full-time hours for Connecticut workers next year.

A nominee both of the Democratic Party and the Working Families Party, Representative Conroy has worked as a registered nurse for over three decades, and for two terms she has represented the district where she was born and raised. From 2008 to 2010, and from to 2014 until now, Conroy had demonstrated a commitment to both improving small business in her district and protecting working people facing economic challenges.

“32BJ members are supporting progressive candidates who are committed to tackling issues that affect working people, including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and supporting more full-time work,” said 32BJ Connecticut District Assistant Supervisor Alberto Bernardez. “We are therefore proud to endorse Theresa Conroy for the betterment of our members and their communities.”


With more than 145,000 members in 11 states and Washington DC, including over 4,000 in the Hudson Valley, 32BJ is the largest building service workers union in the country


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