Mayor Kenney Announces Landmark Agreement between 32BJ SEIU and American Airlines’ Contractors

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Mayor Kenney Announces Landmark Agreement between 32BJ SEIU and American Airlines’ Contractors

After Years of Unrest at PHL, Historic Deal Provides Path Forward for Good Jobs for 1,000’s of Philadelphia Airport Workers

PHILADELPHIA – Mayor Jim Kenney, American Airlines and 32BJ SEIU—the union representing 1,400 subcontracted Philadelphia airport workers—today announced a first of its kind agreement between the union and American subcontractors, PrimeFlight and Prospect, that would provide a path forward for contract negotiations and end more than four years of worker unrest at the Philadelphia International Airport.

“As a Councilman, I was moved by the stories of those airport workers who have struggled because of inadequate pay. They, alongside SEIU, deserve a big round of applause for getting us to today,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “I also want to congratulate American Airlines for helping broker negotiations between SEIU and the subcontractors.”

“American Airlines respects the right of employees and workers to organize,” said Michael Minerva, American Airlines vice president Government and Airport Affairs. “We were happy to help facilitate the discussions in order to secure labor peace and continued operational integrity at the Philadelphia International Airport.”

The agreement recognizes 32BJ SEIU as the workers’ union of choice and calls for bargaining to begin between the union and contractors, Prospect and PrimeFlight. The agreement provide a pathway out of poverty for more than a thousand baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants, cabin cleaners, sky caps, line queues and more.

“We commend American Airlines for bringing their contractors, PrimeFlight and Prospect to the table and working towards an equitable resolution for all parties,” said 32BJ SEIU President, Hector Figueroa.

“Thank you to Mayor Kenney, Governor Wolf, City Council, POWER and thousands of allies for their years of unwavering support of the hardworking men and women at PHL,” added Figueroa. “This is an important moment in the national campaign to win dignity and respect for the thousands of contracted airport workers across this country.”

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