32BJ Files Class Action Grievance Against Hamilton Sundstrand’s Contractor

32BJ Files Class Action Grievance Against Hamilton Sundstrand’s Contractor

Hartford, CT – 32BJ members and laid-off workers were joined by elected officials and community activists in a rally to demand that Hamilton Sundstrand, one of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced aerospace and defense technology hire responsible contractors.

On March 28 32BJ filed a class action grievance against SBM Site Services LLC, the contractor hired to clean the facilities at Hamilton Sundstrand for violating the “Contractor Transition” clause of the Hartford Master agreement when it laid-off six of its janitors to maximize their profits.

“Working families in Connecticut desperately need jobs to put food on the table and support their families with dignity,” said 32BJ Connecticut District Director Juan Hernandez, “Companies like Hamilton Sundstrand and SBM shouldn’t cut corners on the backs of  hard working people who have dedicated years to their organizations,” he said.

“Workers who have been laid-off for nearly a month now are having a hard time making ends meet. These workers no longer have health coverage for themselves or their families and are relying only on unemployment subsidies,” said Mersida Mujic, a cleaner and 32BJ shop steward at Hamilton Sundstrand.

Elected officials joined the rally and demonstrated their support against unjust lay-offs that forces families further into poverty.

“Hamilton Sundstrand and SBM should do better by hardworking and loyal employees. Employment helps families move closer to the middle class; lay-offs is a societal detriment that thwarts economic growth for everyone,” said State Representative Edwin Vargas (D-Hartford).

“I applaud 32BJ and the advocates gathered here today standing up against injustice,” said State Representative Angel Arce (D-Hartford). “My biggest concern is ensuring our workers get treated fairly and with respect. It is important that we protect the rights of hard working individuals and their families.”

With more than 145,000 members in 11 states and Washington D.C., including 4,000 in Connecticut, 32BJ is the largest property service union in the country.


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