Larry Engelstein

Larry Engelstein, Executive Vice President, serves as 32BJ’s Director of Collective Bargaining and Employer Relations. In that capacity, he directs the union’s collective bargaining in eleven states and Washington, D.C.; works with its associated benefit funds; and coordinates relationships with major employers. Larry also oversees union operations in 32BJ states outside New York.

A native New Yorker raised by politically active parents who had emigrated from Eastern Europe, Larry says that while each of our union’s fights is important, the labor movement stands for something more profound than any single battle.

“We stand for some of the best traditions of our country, including that our country is better  when people join together to bring out the best of us, not get ahead by dividing us,” he said.

Larry came to 32BJ in 1999 as General Counsel and has also served as Chief of Staff and Bargaining Director. He brought to the union his 20 years experience as a labor lawyer and community organizer. At the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C., Larry worked as a lawyer on national organizing campaigns and initiatives to reform labor laws. Prior to that, as a lawyer for SEIU, he was involved in the Justice for Janitors organizing campaign including the historic Century City strike in Los Angeles in 1990. Larry also worked as a labor lawyer in Boston and Chicago. Before earning his law degree 1983, he served as a community organizer in Chicago on issues of community development; fairness in insurance and utility rate-setting; and the problem of disinvestment in city neighborhoods by financial institutions.

Larry has a law degree from Northwestern University and bachelor’s from the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated as a certified teacher. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children.