Tell Southwest Airlines to Rehire Berhanu Yiferu!

Berhanu Yiferu testified about his struggles paying the rent at a Maryland legislative hearing.

Just a few days later, Prospect Airport Services fired him from his job as a wheelchair agent at BWI Airport.

Berhanu Yiferu is a father of two who worked as a wheelchair attendant at BWI for three years earning just $8 per hour plus unreliable tips.

Prospect Airport Services fired Berhanu just a few days after he testified about his struggles paying the rent and supporting his family at a Maryland legislative hearing in support of the Secure Maryland Wage Act.

This bill would increase wages and provide an option for a health insurance supplement for workers like Berhanu at BWI airport, the Port of Baltimore and Baltimore Penn Station.

Berhanu relies on his job for survival and to support his family.

Call Anthony Gregory at Southwest Airlines: 214-792-5193 and tell him Berhanu needs his job!