Update on the Next Rounds of Bargaining for Broadway League

Tuesday and yesterday, the bargaining committee for Broadway League members went back into negotiations with the employers.

At these meetings, the employers presented their proposals. We have a way to go before we win a strong contract that protects your health care, pension and other benefits, while providing fair wage increases and job security language to ensure you are treated fairly when theaters and shows close.

Your contract expires on June 30th. Let’s show the employers that we are united in our fight for a fair contract! Starting today, and every day for the next week, we are asking you to show your support for a fair contract in the following ways:

  • If you are a cleaner, wear a sticker;
  • If you are a porter, wear a purple bracelet.

Stickers and bracelets will be available from your union rep or from bargaining committee members.

The next bargaining session is a week from today, June 23. Stay tuned to hear the latest on your fight for a fair contract!