Frequently Asked Questions about the Call Center

What is the Call Center?

The Call Center provides 32BJ members with specially trained representatives who work to answer union members’ questions. If your question involves a possible violation of the contract which covers your workplace, Call Center representatives will take your complaint. Complaints will then be processed in the Contract and Grievance Center (CGC), the union’s dedicated grievance handling department. This process is an easier way to get quick, expert help when members need it.

 When should I call the Call Center?

Members should call the Call Center if they have a complaint about the workplace, need a copy of the contract, have a question about the contract or job.

How do I contact the Call Center?

You can reach the Call Center at (212) 388- 3800.

When is the Call Center open?

The Call Center is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Why should a member speak to Call Center Rep and not their field rep?  

Field reps are out in the buildings most of the day ensuring the contract is enforced, helping to train member activists and fighting for Equal Pay for Equal Work. Call Center representatives are highly trained professionals who will answer your questions and assist you in getting any information you may need as quickly as possible.  We changed the system in order to ensure that members’ questions are handled more quickly, and so that members don’t have to wait to hear from reps who are out in the field.

Will this process make it more difficult to get my complaint heard?

No, this new procedure will allow for your issue to be resolved in a more efficient manner.

Is this improved process different from other members in the union?

No, the Contract and Grievance Center has been available to 32BJ residential, commercial and security members and now we’ve expanded it for schools members.

Why launch this new process now?

This new system was launched now to improve the union’s representation of school members as well as strengthen our work so that field representatives can focus on building the union in the workplace. Local 32BJ is committed to winning Equal Pay for Equal Work for all school cleaners and handypersons who keep New York City public schools healthy and safe for more than one million students.