Francisco Rodriguez Has Been Detained

Our brother, Francisco Rodriguez, MIT janitor, father of US citizens and beloved community member has just been detained by USCIS, leaving his pregnant wife unsure of their future and alone to care for their children. We are saddened that the New England Regional ICE office and Field Director Chris Cronen denied Francisco’s request for a Stay of Removal and detained him. We need you to take action right now.


Francisco Rodriguez is a 32BJ member and has been a janitor at MIT for the past five years. He came to the US in 2006 fleeing violence in his home country of El Salvador, after his co-worker there was murdered. After his application for asylum was denied, Francisco was granted prosecutorial discretion and has received a Stay of Removal every year since then.

Francisco is the father of two, with a baby due in August. He is involved in his community (Chelsea), his children’s school, his church, and his union. He is a hardworking member of our community and his family deserves to stay together.