Federal & State Policy Updates

FEDERAL Put the workers first! Senator Markey of MA led our charge to put workers first, late last week. He sent a letter co-signed by Senators from RI, MA, CT, NJ, MD, VT, HI, and OR, calling for airport workers to be included in any federal bailout of the airlines. The protections we are calling for include compensation or prevention of layoffs, health insurance, and paid sick days. You can read the letter here. On Sunday, Democrats stopped the Republican-led Senate from passing a plan that would have spent over $1 trillion without protecting workers. We need to keep the pressure on: click here to make sure airport workers are included in the airline rescue bill!

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TAKE ACTION to support immigrant workers and all workers in this crisis! SEIU members, worker leaders in the Fight for $15 and a Union, and other service sector workers are coming together across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to call on elected officials and corporate and industry leaders to #ProtectAllWorkers by ensuring the health, safety and financial security of all working people.   Times of national emergency require us all to move beyond business as usual. We must come together as a nation and demand that our elected representatives at all levels act with urgency to protect all workers, no matter their race or where they are from. Call your Senators at 1-877-267-5060 and demand they #ProtectAllWorkers (English and Spanish options) and tell them to:
  • Provide full paid sick leave and emergency family medical leave assistance and unemployment
  • insurance for ALL working people, regardless of employer size. Put all workers at the center of any industry relief, including the contract workers
  • who clean and protect our nation’s airports. Prioritize healthcare and financial support for workers over executive pay, shareholders or profits.
  • Support states by fully funding COVID-19 testing and treatment for all people in our country regardless of their citizenship status.
  • Make sure our healthcare staff have the supplies they need to protect them and the public as they keep us healthy.
  NEW YORK – SUPPORT FOR CONTRACTED AIRPORT WORKERS 32BJ helped organize more than 50 New York elected officials to support contracted airport workers, many of whom were laid off last week due to the COVID-19 crisis: they signed a letter of support demanding no bailout for airlines without protections for all airport workers. Click here to support airport workers: https://secure.everyaction.com/huMtZXP3gkKMp_X1WqDZ-g2   NEW JERSEY – JOBS PORTAL Are you or a family member looking for work? NJ has set up a new jobs portal to match people with open positions during the crisis.   NEW JERSEY – SUSPENSION OF EVICTIONS & FORECLOSURES No evictions during the crisis! Thanks to efforts by 32BJ and allies, New Jersey is suspending evictions and foreclosures. It is now against the law for employers to penalize employees who don’t go to work because a health care professional has advised them to stay home.   PENNSYLVANIA – FIGHTING FOR THE AMERICAN WORKING FAMILIES RELIEF ACTION PLAN 32BJ is fighting in coalition with labor, community, and faith groups for the American Working Family Relief Action plan, which would help working families in this time of crisis NOW with:
  • EXPANDED HEALTHCARE ACCESS: including fully paid leave for ANY COVID-19 related issue, including sick time, furlough, self-quarantine, and providing care to infected family members;
  • ECONOMIC RELIEF FOR WORKING FAMILIES: including doubling unemployment benefits, eliminating the two week waiting period;
  • PROTECTING FRONTLINE WORKERS: including emergency funding and standards healthcare workers, direct support professionals, and first responders; and
  • MAINTAINING OUR VALUES and VOICE by mailing all voters a ballot with postage paid return, and expanding resources to investigate attacks on AAPI communities.
Click here to take action and tell your PA representatives to pass the bill now: https://secure.everyaction.com/T2ofZ4wrYEegaTL20QhzCg2   WASHINGTON, DC  Do you have kids in DC? Beginning April 1, the District will add 10 meal sites for all students, bringing the total meal sites at DCPS buildings to 29 across the District. These sites serve lunch and a shelf-stable breakfast for all residents under the age of 18 Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. A full list of meal sites can be found on coronavirus.dc.gov/mealsites.   Protect your rights! The DC Office of the Attorney General has put together great information for DC workers and residents, including how to protect yourself from scams during this crisis, how to understand your civil rights protections, and more. It is in several languages, including Spanish and Amharic: https://oag.dc.gov/blog/consumer-alert-covid-19-new-emergency-protections   MASSACHUSETTS Stand up for immigrants and all workers! 32BJ has joined a petition from the Emergency Task Force on Coronavirus & Equity, which has 4 policy priorities:
  • Expand Earned Sick Time
  • Ensure Immigrants Have Safe Access to Testing and Treatment
  • Pass a Moratorium on Evictions, Foreclosures, and Termination of Public Benefits
  • Make Sure Everyone Has Access to Safe Quarantine priorities
You can learn more and take action here.   FLORIDA – SUPPORTING AIRPORT WORKERS ON THE FRONT LINES When workers at Miami International Airport were told they could not wear masks, 32BJ sprung into action to clarify the policy. These workers are allowed to protect themselves from COVID-19 with masks, and 32BJ is working with county officials to obtain more masks