Details on the Tentative Contract Agreement

Brothers and sisters –

I hope you’ve heard the great news by now: we won a strong agreement for the 30,000 residential workers who make New York home across this city. It was because of your work and your support that we have a deal that includes no givebacks, completely protects our healthcare and pension, and includes a strong wage increase that keeps ahead of inflation and the rising cost of living.

For doormen and porters, the pay increase per week is $25.60 this year, followed by a $21.00 per week increase in 2015, a $22.00 per week increase in 2016, and a $27.80 per week increase in 2017. Below is a grid outlining what the per hour and per week wage rate increases will be over the duration of the contract. By the end of the contract, doormen and porters will have gone from $44,389 per year to $49,402 per year. The numbers for handypersons and supers are somewhat higher.