Broadway League Members Vote to Ratify New Contract

Cleaners and porters working in Broadway League theaters voted in an overwhelming majority to ratify a strong new agreement on Thursday at a special meeting at 32BJ offices in Manhattan.

After four weeks of tough negotiations, the bargaining committee for Broadway League members secured a strong four-year contract with important gains in the following areas:

  • Raises for all job classifications in each of the four years totaling $1.70;
  • increases in employer contributions that preserve health and pension benefits;
  • improved job protections and opportunities for advancement for members. Employers will give preferences to members laid off from dark theaters to temporarily fill vacant positions in other theaters, and they will give preferences for those laid off at least six months due to theater renovations to be hired for vacant regular positions at other theaters. In addition, regular vacant positions will be posted for no less than a week, and applications from incumbent employees will be given preference.

This is a great win for members who help make Broadway stars shine!