2022 Art Show

How to Register

Due to restrictions related to the Coronavirus, our 2022 32BJ Art Show and Reception will take place online.
This means that members from throughout our union can participate more easily, by submitting photos of your artwork via our registration page.

Tips for Photographing Your Art

Show your work in the best light

Take care with how your art is lit for the photo, especially if your work is not 2-dimensional. Flash sometimes washes out detail in your work, so not always best. Try to use indirect light, whether from natural or artificial sources

Details, details, details

So photos display well on our site, please make sure that the resolution is large enough to capture the details and quality of your work.

Horizontal, please.

Photos should be shot horizontal rather than vertical.

Great art deserves a great frame

Try to take the picture of your work against a neutral background. A solid colored wall or bed sheet as backdrop will help us focus on your work.

One Union, one art!

If you would like advice on how to photograph your art for submission, get in touch with the arts committee, and the photographers in the group will be happy to help.

Art Show Registration (Simple)

Artist's Information

Description of Artwork

Please include name of work, type of work (i.e. painting, photograph, etc), size of work, short description for each piece. Artists can enter 3 pieces. Please submit photos of each piece of art.


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