We have to work together so we’re able to keep the things we have, like our health care and other benefits.

~ Jay Etheridge, 32BJ Member, New York

Winning 2014 for Working Families


32BJ member volunteers were the difference between winning and losing for lots of candidates during the political election season. The hours our members put into knocking on doors and leafleting and making phone calls paid off for progressive candidates throughout our districts. Now we head into the November elections, and we need to work even harder so that the issues that matter to working families will have a place on the agenda.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island: In Massachusetts, we’re working to elect Attorney General Martha Coakley for Governor and Steve Kerrigan for Lieutenant Governor. “Martha Coakley has a proven track record of putting working people first,” said New England District 615 leader Roxana Rivera. “As Attorney General, Martha Coakley has been at the forefront of the fight for dignity at the workplace. Her office has been one of the most proactive in recent history, investigating cases of wage-theft and citing irresponsible contractors at Logan Airport, where more than 1,500 service workers are seeking better working conditions and a better life for their families.”

In Rhode Island, we are supporting Gina Raimondo’s candidacy for Governor. “We look forward to having a partner in the governor’s office who believes that workers should have a voice at work. Unlike her Republican opponent, who is ready to turn Rhode Island into a right-to-work-for-less state, Gina Raimondo is concerned with the widening gap between rich and poor and understands that labor has an important role to play in rebuilding an economy that works for all,” said Rivera.

We are also working hard to elect legislative champions in the House and Senate in both states.

Connecticut: Governor Dan Malloy in a tight race for reelection, and he’s been our strong ally on issues like immigration and paid sick leave. “Malloy has a track-record we can believe in: from his push to raise the minimum wage to the enactment of paid sick day legislation; we are confident that he will continue to bring progressive reform to Connecticut,” said Juan Hernandez, 32BJ SEIU Connecticut District Director.  In addition, we’ve worked hard to help elect allies in the state legislature, like state Senators Eric Coleman and Andres Ayala and state Reps Chris Perone and Bruce Morris. Voting for these candidates on the Working Families Party line, Row C, will send the message that we want them to put the concerns of working families first.

New York: We’re confident that Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli will win reelection. But if they win with votes on the Working Families Party line, our agenda will be treated as a top priority. We’re also committed to taking back the State Senate from Republican control. Candidates like Jeff Klein, Gustavo Rivera, Jesse Hamilton, and Leroy Comrie support giving cities the right to raise the minimum wage and let localities raise it even higher, expanding education opportunities for all New Yorkers, including the DREAM Act, and campaign finance reform so that corporations can’t use their money to unfairly influence who gets elected.

Pennsylvania and Delaware: The stakes couldn’t be higher than they are in Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Corbett has slashed education funding, he’s bragged about his plan to destroy the pensions of thousands of public workers, and earlier this year, he supported a “paycheck deception” bill that would effectively destroy collective bargaining for public sector workers. Our choice for governor is Tom Wolf, who stands with SEIU members in supporting fair contracts, protecting collective bargaining, holding corporations accountable and raising the minimum wage.

In Delaware, long-time  32BJ ally Sen. Bob Marshall (D-3) won the Democratic primary against his challenger by a razor thin margin of 37 votes.  32BJ members mobilized for 4 canvass days with Marshall and knocked on hundreds of doors, leafleting and identifying voters in Wilmington, and were instrumental in turning out the votes that made the difference in his election victory.

Maryland and Washington D.C.: We are supporting  Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in the race to become Maryland’s next governor. “Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has been a long-time champion for increasing the minimum wage,” said 32BJ SEIU Vice President Jaime Contreras. “Brown stands with security officers and hospital workers here in Baltimore who are also fighting for livable wages.”

In D.C., we are supporting Muriel Bowser in the race for mayor. “Councilmember Bowser understands how important good jobs and responsible employers are for our communities,” said Contreras. “As D.C.’s population grows wealthier, low-wage workers need a reliable ally more than ever.”

We’re weeks away from the general election. If you’re interested in volunteering for our Get Out the Vote efforts, please contact your field rep. If you live in Connecticut, New York or Massachusetts, you can volunteer by filling out the form here:




Count me in! I can volunteer for 32BJ political work in Connecticut.

 New York


Count me in! I can volunteer for 32BJ political work in New York.


Count me in! I can volunteer for 32BJ political work in Massachusetts.

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Count me in! I can volunteer for 32BJ political work in New Jersey.

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