“They have to be aware that the people who work for them are not just statistics, but we are people. The union has allowed us to show that and use our voices.”

~ Michael Greene, 32BJ Member, New York

Support NJ Security Officers!

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Every day millions of people in New Jersey depend on dedicated security officers who keep the city safe. They are our first line of defense and serve as the eyes and ears of our city in office buildings, on the streets and in transportation hubs that serve millions. Yet they only earn on average $11 an hour and do not get paid holidays off or bereavement days. When security officers have good, family supporting jobs, our city is safer. We all deserve better and that starts with better standards for our security officers. Sign the petition today!

I stand with the security officers’ union 32BJ to demand a fair wage and better paid time off for security officers who keep our buildings safe across New Jersey.

New Jersey Security Petition Sept. 2017
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