We are not fighting just for ourselves but we’re fighting for all working families.

~ Anna Dziubek, 32BJ Member, New York

NJ Security Officers Ratify New Contract

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32BJ SEIU New Jersey security officers have agreed to a new four-year agreement with the state’s largest security contractors, covering 1,700 security officers. The contract includes fair wage increases; more paid time off that reflects officers’ family needs; and contract language improvements to address workplace issues.

“The raises help us take care of our families and pay our bills without having to work crazy amounts of overtime or even find secondary jobs,” said Tania Capobianco, a member of 32BJ SEIU’s bargaining committee in New Jersey. “The additional paid time off reassures us that we can take time off for our own care and for the care of our family without being stressed out.”

By the end of the new contract, which expires in 2021, 32BJ security officers will earn a median wage of over $14.00 per hour. The agreement also maintains current employer-paid healthcare and improves working conditions and job protections.

The victory for security officers is part of a wave of recent efforts as SEIU members and working people continue to fight for a $15 minimum wage. The new contract includes a $0.25 minimum above minimum wage guarantee for when the $15 minimum wage push becomes law.

“Now more than ever, it’s important that security officers earn a living wage to ensure that the industry is professional and prepared to handle emergencies,” said Kevin Brown, Vice President and NJ State Director of 32BJ SEIU. “This contract helps the men and women who secure the Garden State be better able to support their families and their communities.”


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