“They have to be aware that the people who work for them are not just statistics, but we are people. The union has allowed us to show that and use our voices.”

~ Michael Greene, 32BJ Member, New York

New England District 615 Political Endorsements

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As of October 3, 2017:


At-Large Councilor:
Anissa Essaibi-George
Ayanna Pressley
Michelle Wu

District Councilor:
Lydia Edwards
Tim McCarthy
Matt O’Malley
Josh Zakim


At-Large Councilor:
Jean Bradley Derencourt
Bob Sullivan

District Councilor:
Angel Cosme


At-Large Councilor:
Dennis Carlone
Marc McGovern

City Councilor:
Denise Simmons


Stephanie Martin (District Councilor)


Stephanie Burke (Mayor)


District Alderman:
Matt McLaughlin
Mark Niedergang


Khrystian King (At-Large Councilor)

Sarai Rivera (District Councilor)

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