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JFK Security Officers Vote to Strike

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Update: JFK Airport security officers today called off their strike after the Port Authority intervened.

“Earlier today, the Port Authority asked us to call off our strike and, more importantly, asked the contractors to meet with us,” Prince Jackson, a security officer for Air Serv, told a rally of workers and community supporters at JFK Airport. “Both Air Serv and Global Elite have agreed to meet so tonight we are calling off the strike for now and look forward to discussing our concerns with the contractors.” Read more…


JFK Security officers employed by Air Serv and Global Elite voted to go on strike if the contractors do not stop their attempts to intimidate them and interfere with their organizing efforts. Workers at both came forward to file complaints with the TSA about what they claim are systemic lapses in security standards. The officers say they have to deal with shoddy equipment, rushed searches and lack of training that endangers the flying public.

Stand with the workers at JFK Airport!

Many essential passenger services like security, screening, baggage handling, and cabin cleaning are provided by contractors that often pay wages that keep workers in perpetual poverty, provide very limited training and little opportunity for advancement. Workers say the low pay and lack of benefits threaten security by increasing turnover to unacceptable levels.

Prince Jackson, a security officer at JFK airport, tells his story here:

Instead of treating their workers with respect, Air Serv and Global Elite have illegal policies ordering them not to talk about their working conditions. If the contractors continue with their illegal activities, the officers will go out on Thursday, Dec. 20, the start of the Christmas Holiday Weekend.

Read news coverage of the strike vote here: