We are not fighting just for ourselves but we’re fighting for all working families.

~ Anna Dziubek, 32BJ Member, New York

Immigration Reform Now!


The federal government may be shut down but our voices are not. We showed once again that the fight for immigration reform is strong and growing and that our members play a leadership role.

As the stories, videos and pictures come in from over 180 events across the country, we are proud to see our SEIU family leading nationally and 32BJ brothers and sisters leading the way across the East Coast: in Miami, Boston, Providence, New Haven, Freehold, Philadelphia, New Rochelle and New York City.

In New Jersey, we mobilized for a great march in Freehold, where we are building power with community partners like PICO. It’s in the district of a key Republican, Chris Smith, who we need to help us move the House to vote for immigration reform.


In Philadelphia hundreds of 32BJ members rallied with Health Care PA and community partners from across PA as they marched from Love Park to the ICE office, demanding Immigration Reform Now! And in Pittsburgh, 32BJ members added their voices through video to the thousands of immigrants sharing their personal stories about what CIR would mean for them and their families.


The New England team took a new approach up in Boston. We joined with partners like MIRA to call out corporations like Bank of America standing in the way of immigration reform. And in Providence we also led 200 members, faith, community and labor partners and federal and local elected officials to demand immigration reform and drivers licenses for immigrants now.

In the Hudson Valley hundreds of members rallied, and in New Haven we took part in a national campaign to present giant pictures of immigrants to put a real ‘face’ on immigration reform.


In Miami, marchers shut down the street, twice as 600 people marched from Jose Marti Park to the Bay of Pigs Memorial.

In New York City, thousands rallied and then marched across the Brooklyn Bridge. We were proud to join with SEIU President Mary Kay Henry and future mayor Bill DeBlasio, demanding the Time Is Now!


On Tuesday, the CAD District once again lead the fight in the nation’s Capital as we challenged Congress to stop delaying and act. 200 people were arrested in an act of civil disobedience, including 8 members of Congress. It might be just what this Congress needs to wake up and remember who they work for.


Let’s keep on fighting and win a law that will truly change the lives of millions of people!