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~ Clara Vargas, 32BJ Member, Florida

Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

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Just as millions of people, including many 32BJ members, are dealing with the impact of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, many more of our communities are bracing for the impact of Hurricane Irma and dealing with the aftermath of this latest disaster.

It’s times like this when being united in a strong union matters. We must band together and use our power in numbers to provide support and relief to our brothers and sisters who are facing rebuilding after Hurricane Irma. Many of our members are already reaching out to people in need. When we all pitch in together, we can help even more.

Please click the “Donate” button below to contribute to 32BJ SEIU’s Disaster Relief Fund to help provide relief to our members and to working families affected by the storm (Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund are not tax deductible. I certify that I am not an employer or association of employers or agent thereof, nor that I, as an employer or association of employers or agent thereof, deal with any labor organization concerning conditions of work under any law of the United States relating to the employment of any employees.):

Let’s show our SEIU brothers and sisters affected by Hurricane Irma that we stand with them.

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