I think every shop steward should be training someone else and that person can be training someone else too.

~ Maurice Thomas, 32BJ Member, DC/VA/MD

Historic Deal at PHL!



You came to meetings. You spread the word. You showed up at PHL to stand with airport workers. You elected a mayor and city council members who pledged to take a stand for union members.

Because of you, we made one big step closer to winning a contract for airport workers at PHL and protecting bargaining rights in Philadelphia and beyond. Yesterday, American Airlines, PrimeFlight and Prospect reached an agreement with 32BJ. The agreement recognizes 32BJ SEIU as the workers’ union of choice, calls for bargaining to begin immediately and provides a pathway that will make sure airport workers have a union contract!

The agreement marks the end of years of worker unrest at PHL and will provide a pathway out of poverty for more than a thousand baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants, cabin cleaners, sky caps, line queues and more. We know the fight continues, and we will need you to stay engaged and be ready to keep fighting for a strong contract at PHL.

When we fight, we win!


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