Our political work has an impact on us in the workplace so it’s something we need to do in the union too.

~ Anthony Faulk, 32BJ Member, Mid-Atlantic District

Historic Airport Win in New York and New Jersey!

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You may have heard that last week 8000 New York and New Jersey airport workers won their first 32BJ union contract that protects their rights on the job. This is a historic moment for New York and New Jersey, but also for airport workers like you who are fighting for good jobs around the country.

A contract is a legal agreement that now gives New York and New Jersey airport workers more job security, better disciplinary procedures and more respect on the job. This contract is one of the first for airport workers and one of the largest in the country! The new contract will also become the standard when we negotiate with employers in other cities like yours. These 8,000 airport workers are protected by the union and they plan to stand with you as you fight to join them.

As we continue to organizer for higher wages, benefits, union representation and respect for airport workers nationwide, I hope you will join me in celebrating this first contract for New York and New Jersey. I know that airport workers are strong and together we will win the good jobs you have fought so hard for.

We are proud to stand with you as we continue to fight for what you deserve!

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